Volunteering in Northern Ireland Survey June 2017

As part of the Volunteering Strategy for Northern Ireland, the Department for Communities (DfC) commissioned a project to monitor volunteering levels throughout Northern Ireland. 

Here are a few of the main findings:

Just over a quarter (27%) of adults in Northern Ireland indicated that they had carried out voluntary work within the past year. 

Of those who had volunteered in the previous year, 37% had helped in a church or religious organisations, 36% had carried out a fundraising activity and 26% of respondents indicated that they had worked with young people.

More than four fifths of respondents (85%) stated that their efforts are recognised/appreciated by the organisation for which they volunteer

The top three reasons for not volunteering were: 'I don't have the time' (36%), 'I have work commitments' (32%) and 'I have to look after children/the home' (24%).

Want to find out more?  The full publication is available on the DfC website, please click here

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