Volunteer Opportunities - Inspire Wellbeing


Volunteers are at the heart of Team Inspire.  If you'd like to make a difference to those living with mental ill health, intellectual/learning disabilities, autism and addiction please check out these local volunteer opportunities below.  For more detailed role descriptions email:  info@nwvc.co.uk

Befriending Volunteer - Rosses Supported Service (Derry/Londonderry)

This role may take place within the local service or within the local community.

What will it involve:  Making weekly phone or virtual calls.  Assisting with daily living tasks such as shopping.  Meeting for a cup of tea or coffee in the local community.  Attending activities or events, as organised by Inspire Wellbeing services.



Young Adults Social Media Support Volunteer - Inspire Foyle Community Wellbeing Service Derry/Londonderry

Primarily home based and occasional meetings at the Inspire Foyle Community Wellbeing Service.

What will it involve: Sharing and scheduling a selection of social media posts across the week.  Developing social media supports for the benefit of young adults.  Thinking of innovative ways to engage with young adults.  Keeping up to date and utilising Inspire Wellbeing's online resources/campaigns.



Co-Facilitator - Inspire Foyle Community Wellbeing Service Derry/Londonderry

This role will mainly take place within the local service and may include occasional online delivery.

What will it involve:  Supporting a project/group activity.  Liaising with the group facilitator or supervisor to identify materials to assist with group activities.  Supporting those who attend the session to ensure everyone feels involved.  Assist the group facilitator to identify ideas for future projects/group activities based on feedback from participants.  Prepare the room inadvance, ensuring it is clean and risk free.