Volunteer Mentor - VOYPIC


Volunteer Mentors (18 years old and over) support young care leavers aged 16-25 to set and achieve goals and improve their support network in their local communities.  Mentors offer young adults the opportunity to talk to someone independently about their education, work, family life, friendships, or any other aspects of their life they want to talk about.  Mentors help young adults develop life skills, build confidence and improve their emotional health and wellbeing.

What does a Volunteer Mentor do?

Following training, Volunteer Mentors are matched with a young care leaver in their area.  Over a period 6-12 months, they meet regularly with the young adult to:

  • Spend time building a relationship with them
  • Help them to identify and achieve their goals e.g. personal, educational and social
  • Talk to them about plans for their future
  • Help them identify and take part in local community activities, supports and services
  • Support them to connect with their local community
  • Help them build a sustainable, stable support network