For those who wish to volunteer in response to COVID-19

Before considering volunteering ask yourself – Am I well enough to volunteer?

Your safety and limiting the spread of the coronavirus being the main priority, Volunteer Centres continue to encourage you to adhere to HSE instructions on how best to avoid COVID-19, both in the work environment and at home.

If you are well enough and wish to volunteer there are 2 main ways which you may be able to help

The first way is by contacting and registering with #HelpEachOther 

The NHS here are currently redeploying staff and volunteers so at are not recruiting new volunteers. This may change and information about lots of ways to help will be made available through #HelpEachOther

During the coming weeks local community responses may require increased volunteer support, please come through our website 

The second way to help is by doing so informally in your own community
If you know people in your community who may be vulnerable and can contact them safely (e.g. phone call, whatsapp, drop note into door), just let them know that you are available and can assist with shopping etc.
Do not assume that someone needs help or call directly to someone’s house unannounced, as some people may be very anxious about making face to face contact, particularly if they have a medical condition or are living alone