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The EPIC Awards initiative, launched in February 2022, recognises and validates the contribution made by volunteers.

EPIC (Empowering People In Communities) is completely free, and open to volunteers of all ages and from all types of volunteering. To qualify for an EPIC Award, volunteers must make a commitment of at least 50 hours, within any 12 month period. These hours can be gained through volunteering with one organisation, or with multiple organisations simultaneously.

There are three levels of EPIC Award:

Bronze Award -

Our aim is to provide an inclusive initiative that recognises and rewards the contribution of volunteers in the community and promotes volunteering as a whole! Help us spread the word by sharing our posts on social media, and using the hashtag #EpicAwardsNI

How To Get Involved - Organisations

Are you an organisation that would like to reward its volunteers? The EPIC Awards is the perfect way to do so! As well as showing how much you value your volunteers for their commitment, being part of this initiative is a great way to attract new volunteers and to retain and motivate your current volunteers. It’s accessible to all age groups, and can be used to validate skills, experience and training. For placement organisations, it is also a constant reminder of their volunteers’ contributions and gives due recognition for their commitment.

Getting involved with the EPIC Awards is simple:

How To Get Involved - Volunteers

There are so many reasons to get involved with EPIC Awards as a volunteer. The initiative is all about getting recognition for your time, commitment, experience and skills that you are sharing as a volunteer, but it also serves as a way of recording your time and skills.

Getting involved with the EPIC Awards is just as simple for volunteers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already been volunteering, can I backdate my hours and receive an EPIC Award?
A: Yes, so long as the hours have been gained within the last 12 months.

Q: Is there a fee for the EPIC Awards?
A: No, it is totally free of charge for both organisations and volunteers.

Q: Can I get an EPIC Award for more than one organisation?
A: Yes, you can complete your hours in multiple organisations - contact us for more information.

Q: What time frame do I have to get my EPIC Award?
A: We recommend that the award is attained within a 12 month period - i.e. if you start recording hours in February, we expect you to have accumulated at least 50 hours by the following February.

Q: Can I use the EPIC Awards logo on recruitment materials?
A: Yes, we encourage you to do so, and believe that this will help you to attract more volunteers. We also encourage you to promote the EPIC Awards on your social media channels, using the hashtag #EpicAwardsNI

Register Your Interest in the EPIC Awards

Please provide as much information as you can and we will get back to you as quickly as possible in response.