DfC Small Grants for Volunteering 2019/20 now open for applications!

DfC have approved the opening of the 2019/20 Small Grants for Volunteering programme

The budget is increased from last year and is now £400k across Northern Ireland.

The closing date for applications is Monday 28th October at 12noon.

Please find application form and guidance notes below.

Application form 2019.20

Guidance Notes 2019.20

This will provide some much needed support to the volunteering community.  The likely eligible grant period will be, January 2020 - March 2020 (3 months).  Areas of expenditure are solely focussed on recruiting, supporting and recognising your volunteers:

Volunteer Expenses

Volunteer Recognition – this is your opportunity to say thank you to your volunteers for their contribution to the organisation.  The purchase of alcohol is not permitted and expenditure should only be for volunteers.  The purchase of gifts which have a monetary value are not eligible expenditure.
Volunteer recruitment – if you wish, for example, to develop a poster campaign or include adverts within the local newspapers to recruit new volunteers please include relevant costs. 

Travel – reimbursement of travel costs for volunteers can be claimed within this grant.  Please use the travel claim form supplied if successful.  This can be used to attend the volunteering role (home to place of volunteering organisation/opportunity) meetings, training or any travel on behalf of the organisation relevant to the volunteer role. 
PPE – protective clothing can be purchased as long as it is for the volunteer so that they can carry out their role.  Gardening gloves, uniform items etc are eligible areas of expenditure.

Training – this should be directly related to the role that the volunteer is undertaking on behalf of the organisation, for example, first aid training, safeguarding, food hygiene etc.

Project Running Costs
Heat, Light, Rent and Insurance should be clearly linked to the volunteers ability to organise their activities and support the ability of the organisation to function.  General bills for the running of the larger organisation should not be included.

Groups should not apply for their full years insurance/rent but can apply for 3 months pro rata.

Applications are only being accepted through the application form rather than through an online portal.  The application form should be completed and emailed along with all the supporting documents (constitution; volunteer policy; bank statement; accounts/income & expenditure) to the following email address: