Aoife Coyle

Aoife Coyle - Foyle Parents & Friends Association 


When did you start Volunteering

I first started Volunteering on the 29th September 2014

Why did you start Volunteering, what inspired you?

I started to Volunteer because I wanted to get out and help others and spend my free time usefully by helping others.

What are your duties/tasks?

I help out at a Bowling Club every Monday night for young people/adults with physical and learning disabilities.

What have you gained from Volunteering?

I have gained more knowledge of how to care for children with learning disabilities. 

What will you take away with you from Volunteering?

I will take away many friendships both with the children and other Volunteers.

Do you have any advice for people considering Volunteering?

I advise anyone to get Volunteering if they can as it is a fun and brilliant experience.